About ME

Being more comfortable behind a camera than being a subject, it's probably not surprising to know I'm not really comfortable talking about myself. As an artist, journalist and documentarian, I'd prefer to learn about you. But since this is my website and because you're probably here for a reason, I suppose now is when I jump into the frame and expose myself to you. Here it goes. . .
I'm currently based in Chicago where I am a 100% full-time freelance photographer and writer. My camera is usually focused on live music. Since 2014, I've  covered too many artists and bands to count (I'm bad at math) but I know for sure that I've had the true honor and pleasure of photographing musicians in all phases of their melodic journeys. From the living legends of the music industry to new, local bands, I capture them all.

I also refuse to be pigeon-holed into one genre so I shoot all types of music from jam bands, punk rock and classic rock to country, alternative and post hardcore. My work has been recognized by many and widely published in publications such as Relix Magazine, Sound & Silence, Elmore Magazine, Jambands.com and Tomorrow's Verse to name drop a few. 
Having earned a BS degree in Photojournalism from the SI Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, I'm often  asked to both photograph and write review shows, concerts and festivals. I don't know which I prefer – writing or photography – but I know they both define me.
At times, I do, turn my lens toward other subject matters. Recently I've been exploring portraiture, promotional/PR, abstract landscapes and some personal projects I hope to soon share. 
Availability & Prints
I'm available for tours, festivals, promotional/PR and portraits. Contact for availability and rates. Limited edition are prints are available; please contact for more information. 
EMAIL: mandypichlerphotography@gmail.com 
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